8 WordPress Plugins For 360º Makeover Of Your Website

I was wondering how many plugins are there for WordPress. So, in order to get to know, I randomly typed 'plugins of WordPress' and shown below is the screen shot
which I got. Startling! Isn't it.

This is certainly a jaw dropping figure and we considering the number of PSD to WordPress conversion demands one can certainly not neglect that WordPress is high in demand. So, I decided to pick some of the best plugins which can really help us to change the looks of our website.

In this blog we have a collection of those plugins that will certainly help you to improve the performance of your website.

1) Google Analyticator

Promotion is one of the most important steps when it comes to disseminating your work as building a website alone cannot do any wonders. In order to reach your target audience you need to incorporate the keywords which users are searching to use.

In this process, you can make use of the Google Analyticator plugin which enables Google Analytics by adding a JavaScript code on the dashboard of your WordPress website. After installing the plugin you need to go to the settings page, enter UID of your Google Analytics and then click on the authenticate your user Google Analytics account by clicking on the authenticate button.

2) WP Greet Box

This plugin can help you a lot in order to improve the looks of your WordPress blog as it comes with a well drafted welcome message for the visitors that visits your website. The visitors visiting you can also easily subscribe your blog, view your tweets, Digg your posts and this also depends on whether they have a liking for your website or not.

3) nrelate Related Content

Being a reader, I keep on hopping from one link to another if the designer of the blog has aptly planned the related links. Let us suppose I am intrigued by Mobile app development and is the I am on a page which offers related links which tells me about the myths, success stories, pitfalls in the development process and related stuff about the same why would I not keep on reading.

It is very difficult to assign this task to someone, so for this there are numerous plugins which can do this automatically. One such plugin is nrelate which produces the related links automatically and apart from this you can use the shortcode produced to insert the links of the related posts manually. On the top of this it offers completely customizable looks.

4) BuddyPress

BuddyPress is an incredible plugin to add social media to your WordPress site. This plugin helps you to record, make a friend list, send text messages to other users, host your own forums and create groups with people who share common interest.

This plugin also offers extensibility, which allows you to extend the features of your website in order to include uploading of the documents, integration with numerous social media platforms, create websites which offer membership and many more other functionalities.

For those who want to develop project-based or user-led web systems that are focused on increasing interaction within the users of your site, you can certainly opt for the BuddyPress plugin as it helps you to fulfill your purpose with ease.

5) Shareaholic

To make your blog a smashing hit among the users you need to spread it among them and to spread them you need to make them shareable. In order to add sharing option in your WordPress blog with ease, all you need to do is to install a plugin.

Shareaholic is one of the best WordPress plugin which fosters a brilliant way for social bookmarking and a widget to showcase your related content on your pages post or index.

6) Viper's Video Quicktags

WordPress is certainly improving day by day and though it offers a rich media support, but still the ability to embed a video on your WordPress website directly without a plugin is still an arduous task, as to do this you need to involve a great deal of effort as you need to copy and paste the HTML embed code from where your video is hosted.

However, using a plugin makes this task quite an easy one by providing platform specific buttons. You can leverage these buttons to just paste the URL of the desired video in order to embed it on your website.

Now, rest everything is depends on the plugin, as it is the plugin which gets brings and generates all the code required to add a video on your website. This is why plugins help you to save all the chaos of the process.

7) Vimeography

For those who are well aware of dealing with videos must be aware of the fact that displaying content is quite a task if you wish to display the content with efficiently without lying on the manual hacks. So, if you wish to create awesome content galleries of videos which can be displayed efficiently around your WordPress website can opt for using Vimeography plugin. This plugin uses the shortcode system of WordPress to allow you to create content of multiple galleries on your webpages or posts.

This is undoubtedly one of the best plugin for WordPress for adding videos , however you need to note that it supports only Vimeo. Further, there is not point that this is going to change as developers opine that Vimeo is one of the best platforms to display better quality of content which is free from unnecessary branding or advertisements.

8) Instagram Image Gallery

Social media has certainly gained credence and acceptance by the masses. Wherefore, it becomes imperative for all the websites to incorporate social media feeds into their websites. Integration of social media is not only for the purpose to amuse the users, but has a very deeper impact when it comes to online marketing. Instagram Image Gallery is one of the best plugins for integrating Instagram services.

Here you get to choose whether to import images even from a particular user or from hashtag, rest everything is taken care of.

It also gives you the leverage to display as a grid of thumbnails or show images in a slideshow format. Apart from this you have options to customize the background, border, slideshow pacing and color theme . Though this plugin lags a little bit in the configuration option but this does not make any impact.

I hope this is list will help you to improve the functionality of your WordPress website!

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