Earning Money with WordPress Blog is easy! Here's how

If you own a WordPress website, then you must be amazed how will it earn money for your business. You must have read on the internet that WordPress users 11 million of users or even more. Based on these surpassing figures you can well assume that people are making money off their blogs. But the question lies how via simple blogs?

Well, the answer is they're probably making a living off the very blog post you’re reading. The bloggers use a few key methods to generate income from their WordPress website development posts. Here I'll be sharing those few methods for how to make money from your WordPress blog.

1. Affiliate Links

These are also called as referral links and are considered as the easiest way out to earn money from your blog. The blogger can place a link to a text or an image that direct your readers to a third party website. Now if your users proceed to make a purchase on the third party site, you earn a commission for referring them.

It is always better to sign up with the affiliate programs. The goods and services selling websites place a link in their header or footer for affiliates. To proceed to signup for that respective program, you can click on it to begin. Some sites use their affiliate program while few go through an affiliate network. The networks make it easy to join programs since you can typically browse for sellers and click on a button to apply for the program.

2. Ad Spots

Apart from affiliate links, you can also add it directly to the content. They're an awesome way to make money on the blogs. The advertisements give three choices. Firstly, create advertisements using affiliate links to other sites. Secondly, sell your ad spots and lastly, join an ad network that may help to sell your ad space for you.

If you create and manage ads on the WordPress site, it might be fruitful and may offer extreme control over the aesthetic of the ads. And since you’ll be using your affiliate links you can earn money.

Your may also join an ad network and let them do the hard work. Some of the great Ad networks are Adsense, Amazon CPM Ads, BuySellAds, etc. that has taken control over your ad space. You may also hire a WordPress developer for it, s/he may surely help you in placing as spots.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters also fetch significant income. Newsletters are like a blog snapshot as the bloggers share recent posts or news with the subscribers. Similar to ads you can either sell newsletter spots or via a network like BuySellAds.

4. Sponsored Posts & Reviews

If you find anyone to sponsor your website then that will be a fantastic idea. With sponsored posts a company might approach you to review a product if they give it to you for free or pay you a fee to write the article. That's outstanding! But the worth considering point here is to state the reviews honestly and disclosing the sponsored post. This can be useful in generating income in the future by referring readers to purchase the product themselves.

So these were some effective methods that can help you earn a substantial amount of money. So keep using WordPress and take maximum benefit out of it.

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