Search functionality is an important part of a WordPress website. A crisp search result make a website more engaging and user friendly. Irrespective of the type of website, whether an online store, a blog or a business website, it needs a search function. The users prefer to narrow down the search instead of looking out the entire website.

A poor search functionality can have a very bad impact on a website. If you have recently converted PSD to WordPress website, you must be aware of the default search functionality provided by WordPress. But WordPress is limited to providing the exact results, which can be fine-tuned by a little optimization.

A quick and easy way to optimize the search is by using a plugin. One such plugin is the AJAX Search Pro. This is a premium WordPress search plugin that enables a crisp search experience based on AJAX technology, as the name goes. When a visitor searches on a website, the plugin runs down the archives and the results are displayed dynamically.

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One of the premium benefits of using this plugin is that it comes with two functionalities for search, which are relevance and caching search. The plugin has four built-in layouts which display search results in a custom manner and the administration panel is loaded with 300+ options.

Yet another advanced and easy to use plugin is the Swiftype WordPress Search plugin. This is one of the limited plugins that provides features for search like real time indexing and automatic. The search module has auto-complete, custom result ranking, and much more.

This search plugin has become popular among the WordPress communuty for its real-time analytics through which the site admins can get feedback and predict the search trends of the visitors. If you are good with coding, you can also customize its core files to build a custom search engine for the website.

Relevanssi is a WordPress search optimization plugin for the ones who want a premium plugin without emptying out their wallet. This plugin is enabled with a search module which performs a custom search based on partial matching and sorting the results according to relevance. It is the fuzzy search algorithm on which the plugin runs on, that makes it better from many other search plugins available in the WordPress market.

The default WordPress search functionality has its limitations. It needs some updates from WordPress and a better search functionality is expected in the upcoming version of WordPress. Until the updates are availed, the above mentioned plugins can be used that deliver fast and accurate search results for all kinds of WordPress websites.

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