Published on November 24 2016

HTML to Wordpress - WordpraxIf you are trying to find a solution for your IT demands, then you will come across several solutions for one problem. It doesn't matter what the problem is but what really matters is the fact you will have plenty of options to choose from, and you can quickly deploy the best solution. Same thing happens when you plan to build an eCommerce site; there are around 10-15 CMS platforms on the web which offer eStore development services.  

Among all the platforms available in the market, WordPress is the most flexible and stable content management system. Being flexible it means that a user can use this portal for building any site, web app and can also offer it as an accustomed solution for any online software. The best thing about WordPress web development is that it's an open-source CMS system so you don't have to spend a dime while developing a WP powered online store. A user can quickly customize WP to meet his requirements.  

Apart from general technical specifications, another good feature of WordPress is that it's compatible with various web technologies like PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, CodeIgniter and Laravel. Compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress not only allows the developers to customize the coding but also enables them to access the backend. Just make sure that you hire a reliable WP developer who knows everything about this CMS system.

Today almost every small & big firm has converted their HTML website to WordPress platform. Moreover, in WordPress developers are allowed to do any coding and achieve functionality. And through this way web developers can customize the platform as well as the backend system of the portal. Apart from that, WP can also be integrated with the third-party software tools and modules.

With the support of a knowledgeable site builder, users can add software like CRM, ERP, MS Office Excel sheets, etc. As mentioned earlier, WordPress is compatible with any web technology so the users have a complete freedom to do any sort of customization they want. When it comes giving an outlook to the online store, well WordPress excels in the sector as well. The WordPress directory is full of various free and paid themes, templates, plugins, extensions etc which come in really handy while adding looks and functionality on the site.

As WordPress has a very simple user-interface, so all you need to do is to pick and drop things which you want to display on your portal. All the WP designing and maintenance can be done via user-friendly Admin Panel from where you can tweak each functionality of your site. Whether it's about changing the theme, installing an update or removing any product, everything can be done with this control panel.

Besides, a user can also download & install several third-party plugins or themes on his WP based site. Make sure these modules are safe and built by a reliable WP developer. You can also get yourself a tailor-made plugin or theme which will be built as per your business requirements. By hiring a skilled WP developer you can tweak WP the way you want.

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Published on November 21 2016

The technological advancements have helped millions of entrepreneurs in shifting their business to web sphere. Today it has become quite easier for an organization to create a business website. With this site, a firm can quickly pitch their potential clients which are spread across different geographical boundaries. These internet sites have widened the reach of companies and allowed them to get in touch with the global audience in a hassle-free manner. If you are one of those business people who are very much inclined towards doing an online business then you will be happy to know that nowadays there are several content management systems available on the web which will help you in joining the online market.

WordPress is one of the leading CMS systems that offers endless customization opportunities to its users. Converting PSD to Wordpress helps in making the web design SEO-friendly & W3C compliant.

The primary reason a website owner has to opt for PSD conversion process is because it helps in indexing the design of the site which makes it easier for the search engine spiders to quickly scan and fetch the site on the World Wide Web.

PSD to Wordpress Theme l Wordprax

The WordPress CMS system comes pre-loaded with several crucial elements are that help in making a feature-rich and functional portal which can be used for any business setup. In a very less time, WordPress has been able to earn millions of users. And this is all because of the helpful web development tools that come pre-installed in the WP's interface. With WordPress, you can create an artistically designed and easy to navigate website that too in a very less time-consuming manner.

In case you don't have much technical know-how then it will be good that you lookout for someone who offers Wordpress website development services at affordable prices. More than 60 million websites are powered by WordPress CMS system and most of these sites are created by the owners themselves. Nowadays, there are numerous professionals engaged in WP development sector and you can quickly locate the best for your project.

You need to know that sites made using WordPress are user-friendly and feature-rich right out-of-the-box. If you are have already started receiving a good amount of visitors on your site then you can quickly shift to WP eCommerce development options and can convert your portal into a fully-functional online store. There are plenty of plugins which you can deploy to add eStore features in your site. Woocommerce is one of the most trusted eCommerce plugin developers in WordPress community.

In case you already have a WP based site and want to expand it then make sure you hire a strong WordPress development firm that offers a broad spectrum of customization and development solutions. To locate the best firm for your project you need to a little bit of research work. You can also take help of the internet technology through which you can appoint a foreign firm for your WP expansion process.  

The main advantage of hiring a foreign firm is that they provide quality services and that too at a fraction of the market price. These companies use a common work management software that helps the clients in keeping a tab on the progress of his project. Today the web development market is full of these foreign companies that render cost-effective solutions which are tailored as per the needs of the client.

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Published on November 16 2016

WordPress continues to be the leading content management system, even when expectations from CMS vendors have drastically changed over the years. The CMS platforms today are diverse than ever, simply due to the fact that different business and individuals want different functionality from different platforms.

Today, website owners look for platforms that are easy to use and help them enhance the site performance. This is the reason we see people migrating the CMS from HTML to WordPress and other platforms to WordPress. Although WordPress has achieved great success, there are still some myths that are simply baseless. Read along and see how you can rely on WordPress to help your business take to greater heights.

HTML to Wordpress


MYTH#1: All WordPress Websites Look Identical

A common myth among people new to WordPress is that all WordPress sites look similar. WordPress websites use themes to manage the visual appearance. Initially, there are thousands of unique WordPress themes which can be used by websites. Most of the themes are free and others are available for a small price.

If you want to go further, there are WordPress theme shops which create new themes on order. You can also hire WordPress development services to get a customized theme as per your needs. These themes come with options to perform customization to the granular level. You can modify colors, layout, add logo as well as animations.

MYTH#2: WordPress Is Free, So It Might Be Low-Grade

WordPress was not built in a day or by a small team. It was, and is still developing by a flourishing community of WordPress enthusiasts to provide premium solutions to small and large businesses. It is open source, which means that the code is available for anyone to read and examine. WordPress development adheres to use the best practices.

WordPress content management system is the top-of-the-line web publishing system with a user-friendly interface. This is the main reason WordPress is popular and a leading CMS. Some of the global brands that are using WordPress to power their business are CNN, Adobe and The New York Times.

MYTH#3: WordPress Platform Is Not Secure

WordPress would not have been used by the leading brands if it was not secure. The open source WordPress codes are thoroughly checked by the developers for any loose strings. The bugs and loopholes, if any, are immediately brought to the attention of WordPress officials.

If you wish to add more levels of security than the standard ones, WordPress it can be easily done by taking few extra steps. The easiest way to do it is by adding security plugins which provide monitoring and safekeeping service to protect the website against brutal web threats. Some of the best security plugins that can be considered are:

  • Sucuri Security

  • Wordfence security

  • Brute Force Login Protector

  • All in one WP security & Firewall


MYTH#4: WordPress Is Only A Tool For Blogging

Although WordPress was initially started as a blogging tool, it has evolved tremendously. Today, WordPress is vastly used to create almost any kind of website, including but not limited to blogs. According to the recent reports, 1 out of every 5 websites is built on WordPress, most of them are not for blogs. WordPress is powering websites related to E-Commerce, corporate firms, news, magazines, and almost every industry and categories.

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Published on November 11 2016

Designing a website on WordPress is a lot easier than the other content management systems available on the web sphere. One just has to get himself familiar with a bit of the programming codes, gain a brief knowledge of this open-source platform and he can quickly customize his portal at any point in time. WordPress offers an extremely user-friendly interface because of which lots of newbies choose WP to develop their first internet site.

When it comes to building a website on WP you need to pay a great attention to the design of your site. You have to make it eye-catching and easy to navigate so that anyone can search for the products or information he/she is looking for. To come up with an attractive site you need to convert PSD to Wordpress theme so that you can provide your portal with a definitive structure. Now there are some finite steps that you need to follow while carrying out this conversion process. So, let us have a glimpse of the essential steps.

Slice your PSD template

This is the initial step in the PSD to WP conversion. You have to cut down your PSD design into multiple files. You can take help of the Abobe Photoshop to carry out the slicing of your web design. Or else you can hire a professional for this job.

Create an HTML & CSS template

After slicing, you need to code the image files into HTML format & then to CSS which will make your design web compatible and SEO-friendly. Software like Adobe Dreamweaver or Fireworks will assist you in coding your image files. You can appoint a Wordpress web development company to handle this process. However, a little knowledge of HTML & CSS codes will be really helpful in this step. Save all the HTML template as index.HTML & CSS file as Style.css.

Break index.HTML file into a WordPress structure

The theme which you will integrate into the WP has a specific structure which mainly comprises of two files- index.php and style.css.

You need to break down the index.html file into several PHP files like:

  • Header.php

  • Footer.php

  • Index.php

  • Single.php

  • Page.php

  • Sidebar.php

  • Comments.php

  • Comments-popup.php

This step also helps in adding the additional functionalities and the plugins in the internet site.

Adding WordPress tags

Now you have to have add different function tags to the PHP files. WordPress comes pre-loaded with plenty of tags which help in enhancing the functionality of your portal. After this step, you will have a fully-functional theme which is ready to be installed on your site. You can activate your custom theme via the WordPress dashboard.

Add functionalities

A WordPress site is useless without its functionalities. And to add these you need to download different plugins and extensions as per your requirement. There are thousands of plugins & extensions available in the WP directory. Moreover, you can also add various third-party plugins too.


In this article, you will read about five crucial steps involved in PSD to WP conversion process.

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