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Published on September 7 2017

WordPress is the most preferred content management system when it comes to building websites. It is easier to design a responsive website with WordPress. When we talk about developing and modifying websites by hiring a WordPress development company then there are two methods which are Local development and Staging Development. Both has some benefits and some drawbacks. Both of these options offers variety of features for the diverse audience and WordPress users. Here we will be discussing the difference between Local and Global development which can help you to choose the best one for you.

If you are going for PSD to WordPress theme conversion service or any other service related to website development and you need to decide which of these i.e. Local or staging development is best suited for you then you can read on as we will discuss the pros and cons of both of these options which can help you to take best decision.

Local Development

When you install WordPress onto your PC, inplace of installing it on any web server, this method is called as local development. Using local development, you have the freedom to keep all of your WordPress files just for yourself and on your computer and it will not allow other users to access it through the internet.

One major advantage of local development is that you can work on your WordPress website whenever you want without even connected to the internet. For e.g. When you are traveling or you are in an area with poor internet connection, you can still access your WordPress site and can work on it. Another benefit of using local development is that no one can access your WordPress site until he is not using your computer system where you are developing your WordPress site. Which implies no one can see your work on WordPress until you do not wish to show them. Also with this your WordPress website will remain free from hacking activities going on the internet. Also your work efficiency will remain unaffected from the poor server performance or in case of no internet activity at all. Hence this method removes the risk of slow server response and downtime errors and your Website performance will totally depend on your work efficiency and your personal computer system.

Talking about the negative of local development, if you don’t have access to your computer then you will not have access to your website. Also if you have developed your website on your PC then you will not be able to show your work elsewhere. Also there are some plugins which don’t perform well on local development.

Staging Development

A staging website is available on the internet but it is not accessible to the public as sub-domains of already prevailing website domain are used to install these kinds of staging websites. The main advantage of staging website is that it can be accessed from anywhere. Staging websites provide access to your WordPress site and your work from anywhere if the device is connected to the internet. Hence a staging website is best for people who travel or for ones who keep changing their devices. You can access your website from any device as your website is installed on the WordPress live web server. If you want to share your work with someone far away then you can just provide them the URL of your site along with the credentials and your website can be easily previewed from anywhere in the world.

One of the main benefit of working on a staging website is that you can test it in a real hosting environment. But the staging website can also be accessed by hackers hence you need to implement security measures also. Also performance related problems can be faced with staging websites.

The Best One for You

If you find it difficult to choose which options is right for you then you need to ask yourself some questions regarding responsive web development. You should check the reasons why you are developing a website. If you are more concerned about the security of the contents of your website then you may go for local development. If you thing you will have to fix bugs regularly and have to look after the development and maintenance then a local development is good for you.

However if you are a freelancer and work for your clients and you don’t need to meet them often then staging development is the right choice for you as you can share your creations, works with people sitting far away. Also you will get a clear idea about how your website is going to perform after getting launched if you go for staging development.

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Published on April 15 2017

If you own a static business site and wish to increase your sales conversion rates then WordPress CMS system is the best option to place your bet on. More and more entrepreneurs across the globe are choosing WordPress to power their business websites. The major concern of web owners is the designing part of the site. Well, this issue was solved after the advent of PSD conversion which allowed site owners to developer a scalable theme for their portal.

The PSD to WP conversion is a technical process, so a WordPress developer would be the right person for this job. The primary reason you should hire a skilled WP Developer is that they possess right tools and know everything about this conversion. It's not feasible to handle the conversion of your own because one wrong step can ruin the whole process and all your hard work will go in vain.

Wordprax - WordPress Developer


Using the PSD designs as your WordPress theme, allows you to come up with a template which is not only user-friendly but functional as well. At present, there are millions of sites live on the World Wide Web and to stand apart you need to come up with a unique template. The only way to add a touch of creativity is if you let the expert do is a job. To be honest, Do It Yourself or DIY approach doesn't work in the situation where a person needs to follow a set of standards for building a template.
Here are some disadvantages of choosing a DIY approach for PSD conversion:

Lack of experience- Innovative WP themes are only possible with experience so it's recommended to hire an experienced Wordpress development services provider who can aid you in getting the best looking template. Prior to choosing a theme developer, don't forget to check his portfolio, as it will give you an idea about the quality which they have delivered in the past.

Lack of resources- The trained developers have required tools in the arsenal which allows them to carry out conversion efficiently. As a newbie, you might not be informed about the set of tools or techniques which are used for converting PSD designs to WP template.

Lack of relevant academic qualifications- Along with skills and experience, having a relevant academic qualification is also necessary. Hiring a knowledgeable developer for the conversion will provide you with the effective conversion of your site's theme.

Unfamiliarity with SEO Semantic coding- Search Engine Optimisation is considered as the essential element of the website. Doesn't matter what kind of business site you have, familiarity with SEO semantic codes will ensure a top spot in the search engine rankings.

You will come across several people who claim to be well-acquainted with the conversion. Even though this process is not that complex as it seems it to be, but as a site owner, you should not take any sort of risk which might harm your future growth. One important aspect that you need to keep in your mind is the overall costs involved in converting PSD designs to WordPress CMS system.

By hiring an offshore development firm, you will save both time and money which can be further utilised for undertaking various business related activities. While searching for the WP development agency, it is crucial for you to check its past projects which will help you identify their potential and the way they use to handle their projects in the past. Hiring a company with a talented team of developers should be your top priority.

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Published on March 9 2017

The PSD designs which are made on image editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop are not browser compatible. So, to make these static PSD designs adaptable on the popular web browsers as well as search engine friendly, it needs to be converted to the WordPress format. By converting the PSD designs into semantic WordPress codes, the search engine crawlers are able to index the website in a better way, while the design integrity of the site is maintained.

The professional PSD design to WordPress allows the web designers and developers to create custom layouts and themes for a business website. WordPress is an ever evolving and the most popular content management system available today. The robust in-built features the platform is loaded with makes it a highly competitive tool for web development.

The new users have the privilege to register in the WordPress backend simply with a username and password. WordPress designers who can skillfully convert the static PSD files into dynamic WordPress templates are in great demand. These designers create deliver custom and scalable WordPress based web applications as per the demands of the business.

PSD to WordPress

As the popularity of WordPress is rising with every passing day, the demand for conversion of various content management systems to WordPress is also increasing. According to the web reports, WordPress retains the position of the most preferred CMS among the webmasters.

Cost-effective WordPress conversion services make it possible for SMEs to get an amazing website within the budget. This web portal is free from any code smells and does phenomenally well once it goes live. The PSD designs are sliced and hand-coded into a theme which is ideal to represent the business on the internet. This WordPress theme makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to find the keywords in the website.

Along with the benefits listed above, there are many other perks of hiring professional WordPress services for the conversion process. Getting in touch with experienced designers and developers ensures that the right tools and technologies are pooled to get a competitive WordPress website.

Certified Wordpress developers practice the best methods to deliver a pixel perfect website to their clients. Semantic coding ensures that the web development is consistent as soon as the PSD design to WordPress conversion is initiated. Retina optimized designs are also important to ensure that the aesthetics of the website are identical to the design file.

Higher indexing over the search engines is supported by the cross browser compatibility. If you are able to make the website scalable on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc, you can get the desired traffic and visibility.

In the end, the code syntax of the website code is examined over all the leading web browser platforms to ensure that the website is W3C validated. This validation has become a mandatory requisite to ensure a functional website.

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Published on January 5 2017

Search functionality is an important part of a WordPress website. A crisp search result make a website more engaging and user friendly. Irrespective of the type of website, whether an online store, a blog or a business website, it needs a search function. The users prefer to narrow down the search instead of looking out the entire website.

A poor search functionality can have a very bad impact on a website. If you have recently converted PSD to WordPress website, you must be aware of the default search functionality provided by WordPress. But WordPress is limited to providing the exact results, which can be fine-tuned by a little optimization.

A quick and easy way to optimize the search is by using a plugin. One such plugin is the AJAX Search Pro. This is a premium WordPress search plugin that enables a crisp search experience based on AJAX technology, as the name goes. When a visitor searches on a website, the plugin runs down the archives and the results are displayed dynamically.

PSD to Wordpress l Wordprax



One of the premium benefits of using this plugin is that it comes with two functionalities for search, which are relevance and caching search. The plugin has four built-in layouts which display search results in a custom manner and the administration panel is loaded with 300+ options.

Yet another advanced and easy to use plugin is the Swiftype WordPress Search plugin. This is one of the limited plugins that provides features for search like real time indexing and automatic. The search module has auto-complete, custom result ranking, and much more.

This search plugin has become popular among the WordPress communuty for its real-time analytics through which the site admins can get feedback and predict the search trends of the visitors. If you are good with coding, you can also customize its core files to build a custom search engine for the website.

Relevanssi is a WordPress search optimization plugin for the ones who want a premium plugin without emptying out their wallet. This plugin is enabled with a search module which performs a custom search based on partial matching and sorting the results according to relevance. It is the fuzzy search algorithm on which the plugin runs on, that makes it better from many other search plugins available in the WordPress market.

The default WordPress search functionality has its limitations. It needs some updates from WordPress and a better search functionality is expected in the upcoming version of WordPress. Until the updates are availed, the above mentioned plugins can be used that deliver fast and accurate search results for all kinds of WordPress websites.

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Published on December 29 2016

In a very less time, WordPress has become one of the most popular website building platforms in the internet industry. Several big and feature-rich portals use WordPress CMS System to support their sites. Moreover, there is no other platform in the web sphere which offers a highly stable and robust content management system.

Apart from users, WordPress is also very famous among the developers. Using the WP's Admin Panel, developers can quickly tweak the functionalities of the site that too in a less time-consuming manner. Things like design, PSD to Wordpress conversion, coding etc also play a crucial role in the development of WP based site.

Why PSD Conversion Service essential?

We all are aware of the fact that Adobe Photoshop is the only software available in the market which can produce excellent web designs. The only drawback of these image files is that they are not web & browser compatible. So to make them function on the web, people opt for the conversion services. The technological advancements helped designers to quickly hand-code these designs and convert them into WordPress themes. Every client wishes for a unique design and with WP they can easily build creative portals.

PSD to Wordpress

Benefits of PSD conversion

Browser Independent

As the web pages designed using Photoshop would not function on internet browsers so it becomes essential to convert them to HTML. Hire a firm that offers reliable and pocket-friendly Wordpress website development services. This conversion will make the web design browser independent and your site can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Cost Effective Service

As WordPress is an open-source CMS system all the development services come with an affordable price tag. Apart from native firms, there are several foreign enterprises in the market that offer quality services at pocket-friendly prices. Instead of creating a portal yourself, you can hire a professional to do this task on your behalf.

W3C Standard

If you want that your portal to get recognition on the search engines then your website needs to be compatible with the standards laid out by W3C. When a person opts for PSD conversion services, the developers hand code every file which makes the portal 100% compliant with the W3C guidelines.

Responsive Design

Last but not the least, these customized themes are highly responsive which means that they can adapt to any screen size. Nowadays, most of the people use their smartphones to surf websites, this features comes in handy to boost the product sales.


So you might have got the idea about the importance of PSD conversion services. To build a unique, creative, user-friendly and feature-rich portal it's best that you do appoint a professional who is proficient in carrying out all the WP development tasks in an efficient manner. You can also take help of the internet to locate a suitable developer or WordPress development firm for your project. It will be good that you share your project details and budget with them before bringing them onboard.

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Published on November 21 2016

The technological advancements have helped millions of entrepreneurs in shifting their business to web sphere. Today it has become quite easier for an organization to create a business website. With this site, a firm can quickly pitch their potential clients which are spread across different geographical boundaries. These internet sites have widened the reach of companies and allowed them to get in touch with the global audience in a hassle-free manner. If you are one of those business people who are very much inclined towards doing an online business then you will be happy to know that nowadays there are several content management systems available on the web which will help you in joining the online market.

WordPress is one of the leading CMS systems that offers endless customization opportunities to its users. Converting PSD to Wordpress helps in making the web design SEO-friendly & W3C compliant.

The primary reason a website owner has to opt for PSD conversion process is because it helps in indexing the design of the site which makes it easier for the search engine spiders to quickly scan and fetch the site on the World Wide Web.

PSD to Wordpress Theme l Wordprax

The WordPress CMS system comes pre-loaded with several crucial elements are that help in making a feature-rich and functional portal which can be used for any business setup. In a very less time, WordPress has been able to earn millions of users. And this is all because of the helpful web development tools that come pre-installed in the WP's interface. With WordPress, you can create an artistically designed and easy to navigate website that too in a very less time-consuming manner.

In case you don't have much technical know-how then it will be good that you lookout for someone who offers Wordpress website development services at affordable prices. More than 60 million websites are powered by WordPress CMS system and most of these sites are created by the owners themselves. Nowadays, there are numerous professionals engaged in WP development sector and you can quickly locate the best for your project.

You need to know that sites made using WordPress are user-friendly and feature-rich right out-of-the-box. If you are have already started receiving a good amount of visitors on your site then you can quickly shift to WP eCommerce development options and can convert your portal into a fully-functional online store. There are plenty of plugins which you can deploy to add eStore features in your site. Woocommerce is one of the most trusted eCommerce plugin developers in WordPress community.

In case you already have a WP based site and want to expand it then make sure you hire a strong WordPress development firm that offers a broad spectrum of customization and development solutions. To locate the best firm for your project you need to a little bit of research work. You can also take help of the internet technology through which you can appoint a foreign firm for your WP expansion process.  

The main advantage of hiring a foreign firm is that they provide quality services and that too at a fraction of the market price. These companies use a common work management software that helps the clients in keeping a tab on the progress of his project. Today the web development market is full of these foreign companies that render cost-effective solutions which are tailored as per the needs of the client.

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Written by Ben Wilson

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Published on November 11 2016

Designing a website on WordPress is a lot easier than the other content management systems available on the web sphere. One just has to get himself familiar with a bit of the programming codes, gain a brief knowledge of this open-source platform and he can quickly customize his portal at any point in time. WordPress offers an extremely user-friendly interface because of which lots of newbies choose WP to develop their first internet site.

When it comes to building a website on WP you need to pay a great attention to the design of your site. You have to make it eye-catching and easy to navigate so that anyone can search for the products or information he/she is looking for. To come up with an attractive site you need to convert PSD to Wordpress theme so that you can provide your portal with a definitive structure. Now there are some finite steps that you need to follow while carrying out this conversion process. So, let us have a glimpse of the essential steps.

Slice your PSD template

This is the initial step in the PSD to WP conversion. You have to cut down your PSD design into multiple files. You can take help of the Abobe Photoshop to carry out the slicing of your web design. Or else you can hire a professional for this job.

Create an HTML & CSS template

After slicing, you need to code the image files into HTML format & then to CSS which will make your design web compatible and SEO-friendly. Software like Adobe Dreamweaver or Fireworks will assist you in coding your image files. You can appoint a Wordpress web development company to handle this process. However, a little knowledge of HTML & CSS codes will be really helpful in this step. Save all the HTML template as index.HTML & CSS file as Style.css.

Break index.HTML file into a WordPress structure

The theme which you will integrate into the WP has a specific structure which mainly comprises of two files- index.php and style.css.

You need to break down the index.html file into several PHP files like:

  • Header.php

  • Footer.php

  • Index.php

  • Single.php

  • Page.php

  • Sidebar.php

  • Comments.php

  • Comments-popup.php

This step also helps in adding the additional functionalities and the plugins in the internet site.

Adding WordPress tags

Now you have to have add different function tags to the PHP files. WordPress comes pre-loaded with plenty of tags which help in enhancing the functionality of your portal. After this step, you will have a fully-functional theme which is ready to be installed on your site. You can activate your custom theme via the WordPress dashboard.

Add functionalities

A WordPress site is useless without its functionalities. And to add these you need to download different plugins and extensions as per your requirement. There are thousands of plugins & extensions available in the WP directory. Moreover, you can also add various third-party plugins too.


In this article, you will read about five crucial steps involved in PSD to WP conversion process.

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Published on August 30 2016

Use PSD to WordPress conversion to enhance your portal's outlook

With each passing day, we come across several technological advancements that has completely changed the way people work. In order to keep pace with these advancements, it becomes essential for businesses to keep on enhancing there promotional tactics so that they can easily compete in this dynamic marketplace. It becomes essential for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and the best way to do is by having an efficient and functional website where you can easily connect with your existing & potential customers.

Why you should choose PSD to WordPress conversion?

We all are fully aware of the fact that WordPress is one of the best open source content management system available in the market. Today most of the business firms opt for WordPress for building their websites. The reason behind this popularity is because WordPress helps in creating cost effective, user-friendly, easy-to-manage websites, making this portal an ideal choice for website development.

So if you are planning to launch highly optimized and functional website which can be managed easily then you must opt for PSD to WordPress conversion. Another reason which makes this conversion an obvious choice is the usability factor, all you have to do is to covert the PSD files to WordPress theme, that will make your website browser-compatible and search engine friendly. Given below are the few other reasons because of which website owners choose this conversion process:

1. Improves the outlook of your website: Well it is a common fact, that visitors will never visit a dull and boring website. Well WordPress is known for providing interactive and unique websites that are capable of attracting good amount of visitors. This conversion gives you the freedom to design your website as per your business needs.

2. No need for technical know-how: Even if you don't have technical know-how of writing codes, then also you can manage your website in an efficient manner. By opting for this conversion process you will get a web-based user interface that allows you to manage your website and perform all the necessary changes like editing, adding and deleting the content.

3. Customization: This conversion offers endless customization opportunities. There are several third-party plugins or extensions available online, which you can install into your website and can make it function as per your business requirement. The best thing about adding plugins to the website is that it makes the development process easy.

4. Easy Accessibility: Well WordPress can be easily accessed via internet by anyone, sitting anywhere in the world, which makes it flexible and allows you to update your website anywhere & anytime. You don't have to carry heavy HTML files with you, all you need is a internet connection with good speed and you can access your user interface and can easily make the required changes.

In order to get highly efficient and cost effective PSD to WordPress conversion services, it will be good that you must look out for the services of professional and experienced web developer who is very well versed with this conversion and has the required skill set that meets your requirement and fits in your budget too.

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Written by Ben Wilson

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Published on August 1 2016

An Easy Guide to WordPress Theme Conversion from PSD

Developing a website needs essential things viz., user-friendly interface, attractive design, and efficient coding. Wherein coding requires a person to have a good grasp of web technologies such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript as well as CSS.

However, WordPress is an incredible tool for custom web development. Thus you to carry on with WordPress theme conversion, you have five amazing steps that convert PSD design to WordPress template. Here is list of steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Slicing PSD images

The beginning step in PSD to WordPress conversion is called as slicing. This is essential for the whole design process as it cannot be developed in an image. We need to have a website in which several images can be integrated together, and all the feature and component can make its feature and functionality.

The process of slicing takes place using the software for image editing, and Adobe Photoshop is preferably the most used software for the designers. But in the end, you need to get pixel perfect images, and it is easy to get this task done using software for image editing such as Microsoft paint. However, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best tools that makes it easier for the designers to do the job easily.

Step 2: Developing Index.html as well asstyle.css

The second phase after slicing is to code the HTML/XHTML style by using CSS. To code your HTML, you need to have a good control on programming languages such as CSS and HTML. To code a website now, the programmers even make use of web development software for example Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

Step 3: Break as per the WP theme file structure

Developing a WordPress website means to create a WordPress theme which is uploaded to the WordPress software. This implies the primary purpose of PSD to WordPress conversion process wherein a PSD image is converted into WP theme and then functionalities are added to it using tools and plugins available for WP.

Thus to reap all the benefits of WordPress, it is vital to make sure that you design your HTML file by the theme file structure of WordPress and then break a single HTML file into different HTML files as per the theme of the file structure.

Step 4: Add WordPress tags

The most vital feature of WordPress is that it has a lot of intrinsic functions into your WordPress theme. For this, no complicated HTML coding is required. All you need to do is to incorporate WordPress intrinsic WP function as well as tags into your WP theme files so as to get the functionalities you desire and this completes the job.

Step 5: Incorporating functionalities

After finishing all the steps, make sure that your WordPress is completely ready to work online. For those who wish to incorporate more functionalities into your website, you simply download and install the related plugins or configure a structure that already exists by making use of a WordPress dashboard which is quite user-friendly.

So these were some basic steps to WordPress Theme Conversion from PSD. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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Written by Ben Wilson

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