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Published on April 12 2017

Business websites today are the widely used tools for promoting a brand and its products. If you too are looking forward to creating a new promotional strategy for your business or optimize an existing one, WordPress theme customization should be on your list. Ever since its inception in 2003,  WordPress has emerged as one of the leading content management systems for creating dynamic and user-friendly business websites.

Professional services which provide WordPress customization act as a powerful tool for many advantages availed from this CMS. In this article, we will discuss how WordPress makes it possible to achieve an exclusive website through customized solutions.

Wordprax - WordPress Theme Customization


Unlike the limited number of readily available WordPress themes, there is no upper limit to creating an exclusive template. The WordPress CMS features a suite of advanced tools which can be used by a professional designer to create mesmerizing themes for all kinds of business domains.

Nowadays, website designers follow the mobile-first approach. If you are not able to deliver the website experience similar to the desktops over the hand held devices, you lose a huge amount of potential traffic. This is simply because people prefer to go online from their smartphones from wherever they are rather than sitting in front of a laptop or desktop.

In order to create a unique identity among the competitor merchants, you need to focus on creating a website that is unique to the core and provides an unmatched user experience. WordPress being a flexible and easy to manage CMS, is used to change the looks, navigation and functionalities of the website. Similar to outsourcing the custom software and other web based solutions, an offshore company is considered to get highly productive WordPress solutions.

The internet is brimmed with resources which provide information regarding the premium WordPress service providers. So, when you look out for a customization agency, you find a never-ending list of services on the web. All you need to do is hire the one which has experience in creating websites which you wish to have and even study their portfolio to perform a quality check.

All custom WordPress themes are enabled with SEO features. This is yet another reason which makes custom themes a reliable choice for a business website. Unlike the templates of other content management systems, the WordPress themes are written in SEO optimized semantic coding.

Hence, with the help of a WordPress theme, you can be assured that the search engine optimization has been taken care of. There is simply no need to add any additional plugins for making your website search engine friendly.

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Published on October 12 2016

How to build & customize the WP based site?

Building a website or a web application using a content management system (CMS) offers several advantages like enhanced visibility, a wide range of plugins, extensions, widgets, amazing SEO, endlessly customizable themes and most important the support community which will always be there to help you out. If you properly incorporate all these features on your site, you will be able to get your hands on an efficient portal that will assist you in connecting with the global audience.

With such a high level of customization comes a complicated setup and installation process which you can only accomplish if you have sound technical knowledge. Before you begin developing a WP powered website or convert your existing site to WordPress, it will be good that you gain comprehensive knowledge about WordPress theme customization and various other functionalities provided by this CMS system. From reliable plugins to amazing widgets and CSS styling WP serves as a perfect platform for web development.

An Introduction to WordPress

WP is one of the leading CMS systems which is widely used for creating highly customizable, easy-to-maintain sites, blogs and eStores. The best thing about WordPress is that it's free and is based on the PHP programming and comes pre-loaded with excellent SEO capabilities. The WordPress's popularity and functionality revolve around two main features: Administrative Dashboard & WordPress Themes.

With the help of Administrative Dashboard, the users can maintain, update and publish new content from multiple admin accounts. Moreover, the dashboard itself can be edited, and you can quickly add new custom fields that will give you complete control over the content. Another good thing about this admin panel is that it lets anyone update the website without disrupting the design of the portal. In simple words, people with no knowledge of CMS's can also run a WP based site.

Second is the WordPress Themes which comes loaded with endless customization capabilities. You can hire WordPress developer who will help you customize your portal the way you want. By uploading editable templates, premium or customized themes, widgets and extensions you can create an engaging user-experience. All these themes are kept in the separate file which means you can make the desired changes in these themes without affecting the content of the website.

All the Extras: WordPress Plugins and Widgets

WordPress Plugins

Besides themes, WP also offers plenty of other ways to customize & enhance the functionality of WP based site. With the help of plugins, you can quickly boost the performance of your portal. There are thousands of plugins available in the WP store that are designed to make web development easy & hassle-free. You can either install them directly from the WP store or else you can write your own from scratch. Make sure you don't add several plugins or forget to update the plugins as this could lead to security risks & performance issues.

  • You can use plugins to:

  • Add different forms on your site

  • Shopping cart & secure payment facility

  • Protect your site's content with auto-backup plugins

  • Keep all the spam comments at bay

  • Optimize your sites SEO and quickly top the search engine rankings

  • With cache plugins, you can improve your site's speed & loading time.

  • Social media integration

  • Keep track of all the activities going on your site

WordPress Widgets

The widgets are the PHP Objects that help in adding content & different features to the sidebar of the WP theme installed on your site. These widgets offer quick access to several features like social sharing, instant checkout, currency exchange, etc. You don't have to be proficient in coding these widgets- just drag and drop them within the dashboard, and you will get the desired widget installed within few seconds.

There are several widgets which can be bundled with plugins and offer enhanced functionality. You can find plenty of widgets that belong to categories like navigation, search functions, RSS feeds and tags.


Well, customizing WP from backend can be a bit tough, it will be good that you hire services of a reliable and experienced WP developer who will provide you with a portal that will help you reach your global clients & customers. WordPress is a highly customizable portal so you need someone who can meet all your expectations in a convenient manner.

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Published on March 14 2016

How to Optimize Your WordPress Admin Experience For Beginners?

When you're setting up a WordPress site for your non-tech savvy users, it becomes needful to customize the admin panel in a manner that it could help those users easily manage the site.

As a WordPress developer, you'll get to work for clients having familiarity with WordPress and ones that don’t have any clue about managing a WP site. So, it is imperative that your site's admin interface is customized, making it easier for users to handle their website admin dashboard screen without much hassle.

Here are a few customization that you should consider making in your admin screen:

  • Modify the login screen by adding your brand logo.

  • Get rid of the dashboard widgets that your client might not need. Instead, add a widget that provides relevant and helpful information to visitors about what your site does.

  • Remove unwanted menu items, meta boxes, etc.

You get many different WordPress hooks and functions that can be used in the code to customize the admin screen. But not all of you might have coding knowledge. Thankfully, some plugins can assist you in achieving your goals in a relatively simpler and quicker way. Some great plugins that offer WordPress customization assistance for modifying your website admin area or screen are:

1. WP Admin UI Customize

Are you searching for a plugin that helps in customizing your site's admin user interface (UI)? Then, you should give the WP Admin UI Customize plugin a try. It helps in customizing a WordPress site's management screen UI in terms of the dashboard, admin menu, admin bar, login screen, etc.

2. WP Super Edit

We all usually crave for adding more features and functions to our site. In case, you wish to have more functionality made available from your WYSIWYG visual editor, then the WP Super Edit plugin can help in achieving your needs. The plugin helps add custom-designed TinyMCE plugins as well as buttons to your website visual editor. Basically, the plugin gives you complete control over your visual editor. What's more? It comes with a drag and drop interface that helps in arranging buttons present within your WordPress visual editor, and much more.

3. Ultimate Branding

This is the perfect plugin for users who have been seeking for solutions that enable them to customize their admin screens. Also, it provides an option to customize your website front-end. As the name suggests, it the ultimate plugin for showcasing your brand. With this plugin in hand, you get the flexibility to make changes to your admin screen colors, logo, etc. throughout your website. To be more precise, it helps give a makeover to your login screen.

4. Dashboard Widgets

Last on our list is Dashboard Widgets. The plugin help provides users with information regarding their site. In addition, it allows them to create new content in a quick way. Most importantly, it helps in customizing the order of your WordPress dashboard widgets. With the Dashboard Widgets plugin, you can re-arrange the widgets without writing any code.


Remember, customizing your WordPress site's backend (or admin interface) help users customize or manage the admin screen easily. Moreover, customizing your admin area create opportunities to improve your brand visibility and a lot more. In this article, you'll get to know about four of the best plugins that will help optimize the admin experience of your WordPress site.

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Written by Ben Wilson

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