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Published on March 9 2017

The PSD designs which are made on image editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop are not browser compatible. So, to make these static PSD designs adaptable on the popular web browsers as well as search engine friendly, it needs to be converted to the WordPress format. By converting the PSD designs into semantic WordPress codes, the search engine crawlers are able to index the website in a better way, while the design integrity of the site is maintained.

The professional PSD design to WordPress allows the web designers and developers to create custom layouts and themes for a business website. WordPress is an ever evolving and the most popular content management system available today. The robust in-built features the platform is loaded with makes it a highly competitive tool for web development.

The new users have the privilege to register in the WordPress backend simply with a username and password. WordPress designers who can skillfully convert the static PSD files into dynamic WordPress templates are in great demand. These designers create deliver custom and scalable WordPress based web applications as per the demands of the business.

PSD to WordPress

As the popularity of WordPress is rising with every passing day, the demand for conversion of various content management systems to WordPress is also increasing. According to the web reports, WordPress retains the position of the most preferred CMS among the webmasters.

Cost-effective WordPress conversion services make it possible for SMEs to get an amazing website within the budget. This web portal is free from any code smells and does phenomenally well once it goes live. The PSD designs are sliced and hand-coded into a theme which is ideal to represent the business on the internet. This WordPress theme makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to find the keywords in the website.

Along with the benefits listed above, there are many other perks of hiring professional WordPress services for the conversion process. Getting in touch with experienced designers and developers ensures that the right tools and technologies are pooled to get a competitive WordPress website.

Certified Wordpress developers practice the best methods to deliver a pixel perfect website to their clients. Semantic coding ensures that the web development is consistent as soon as the PSD design to WordPress conversion is initiated. Retina optimized designs are also important to ensure that the aesthetics of the website are identical to the design file.

Higher indexing over the search engines is supported by the cross browser compatibility. If you are able to make the website scalable on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc, you can get the desired traffic and visibility.

In the end, the code syntax of the website code is examined over all the leading web browser platforms to ensure that the website is W3C validated. This validation has become a mandatory requisite to ensure a functional website.

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Published on January 5 2017

Search functionality is an important part of a WordPress website. A crisp search result make a website more engaging and user friendly. Irrespective of the type of website, whether an online store, a blog or a business website, it needs a search function. The users prefer to narrow down the search instead of looking out the entire website.

A poor search functionality can have a very bad impact on a website. If you have recently converted PSD to WordPress website, you must be aware of the default search functionality provided by WordPress. But WordPress is limited to providing the exact results, which can be fine-tuned by a little optimization.

A quick and easy way to optimize the search is by using a plugin. One such plugin is the AJAX Search Pro. This is a premium WordPress search plugin that enables a crisp search experience based on AJAX technology, as the name goes. When a visitor searches on a website, the plugin runs down the archives and the results are displayed dynamically.

PSD to Wordpress l Wordprax



One of the premium benefits of using this plugin is that it comes with two functionalities for search, which are relevance and caching search. The plugin has four built-in layouts which display search results in a custom manner and the administration panel is loaded with 300+ options.

Yet another advanced and easy to use plugin is the Swiftype WordPress Search plugin. This is one of the limited plugins that provides features for search like real time indexing and automatic. The search module has auto-complete, custom result ranking, and much more.

This search plugin has become popular among the WordPress communuty for its real-time analytics through which the site admins can get feedback and predict the search trends of the visitors. If you are good with coding, you can also customize its core files to build a custom search engine for the website.

Relevanssi is a WordPress search optimization plugin for the ones who want a premium plugin without emptying out their wallet. This plugin is enabled with a search module which performs a custom search based on partial matching and sorting the results according to relevance. It is the fuzzy search algorithm on which the plugin runs on, that makes it better from many other search plugins available in the WordPress market.

The default WordPress search functionality has its limitations. It needs some updates from WordPress and a better search functionality is expected in the upcoming version of WordPress. Until the updates are availed, the above mentioned plugins can be used that deliver fast and accurate search results for all kinds of WordPress websites.

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Published on December 29 2016

In a very less time, WordPress has become one of the most popular website building platforms in the internet industry. Several big and feature-rich portals use WordPress CMS System to support their sites. Moreover, there is no other platform in the web sphere which offers a highly stable and robust content management system.

Apart from users, WordPress is also very famous among the developers. Using the WP's Admin Panel, developers can quickly tweak the functionalities of the site that too in a less time-consuming manner. Things like design, PSD to Wordpress conversion, coding etc also play a crucial role in the development of WP based site.

Why PSD Conversion Service essential?

We all are aware of the fact that Adobe Photoshop is the only software available in the market which can produce excellent web designs. The only drawback of these image files is that they are not web & browser compatible. So to make them function on the web, people opt for the conversion services. The technological advancements helped designers to quickly hand-code these designs and convert them into WordPress themes. Every client wishes for a unique design and with WP they can easily build creative portals.

PSD to Wordpress

Benefits of PSD conversion

Browser Independent

As the web pages designed using Photoshop would not function on internet browsers so it becomes essential to convert them to HTML. Hire a firm that offers reliable and pocket-friendly Wordpress website development services. This conversion will make the web design browser independent and your site can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Cost Effective Service

As WordPress is an open-source CMS system all the development services come with an affordable price tag. Apart from native firms, there are several foreign enterprises in the market that offer quality services at pocket-friendly prices. Instead of creating a portal yourself, you can hire a professional to do this task on your behalf.

W3C Standard

If you want that your portal to get recognition on the search engines then your website needs to be compatible with the standards laid out by W3C. When a person opts for PSD conversion services, the developers hand code every file which makes the portal 100% compliant with the W3C guidelines.

Responsive Design

Last but not the least, these customized themes are highly responsive which means that they can adapt to any screen size. Nowadays, most of the people use their smartphones to surf websites, this features comes in handy to boost the product sales.


So you might have got the idea about the importance of PSD conversion services. To build a unique, creative, user-friendly and feature-rich portal it's best that you do appoint a professional who is proficient in carrying out all the WP development tasks in an efficient manner. You can also take help of the internet to locate a suitable developer or WordPress development firm for your project. It will be good that you share your project details and budget with them before bringing them onboard.

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