Published on March 31 2017

In the digital world we live in, social media has become a new channel where a brand communicates with its existing as well as potential customers. The platform has given an amazing power to the people to discuss virtually about a particular product. Nowadays, reading the reviews before considering a service or product has become a common scenario.

We are living in the era of social networking. Therefore, it has eventually become important for businesses and organizations to reach out their customers on the platforms where they spend their most of the time. With an effective HTML to WordPress conversion, a brand can sustain its captivating virtual presence and maintain a long-term reputation with its customers.

The primary change one can experience with the WordPress conversion is improved and crisp web management. The WordPress CMS ensure that you can keep your website up to date with ease. Most of the times, high quality contents make the web browsing better, but webmasters find it a tiring job to integrate them. Thankfully, WordPress comes with the drag and drop functionality and supports all formats of web content.

Wordprax- HTML to Wordpress

Search engine optimization is a key element associated with WordPress conversions. You can choose from a plethora of SEO based plugins which will ensure that the website ranks higher and brings in the maximum traffic. Apart from the plugins, WordPress many built-in features which are search engine optimized. For example, you can use keywords in the meta, URLs etc.

Selling your brand over social media is an important part of any online marketing campaign. Once you have successfully converted from HTML to WordPress, you can reach out your customers over the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will not only help you market your services and products among billions, but will also let them reach you out individually.

You can get in touch with your consumers in a one-on-one session. You will have options to understand the needs of your customers in an effective way and address their needs accordingly. This kind of business communication will enhance your operation and help you follow the customer centric approach.

Along with targeting Facebook, you can move to LinkedIn or Twitter in order to promote your product & services. A recent study revealed that most of the Twitter users tweet for searching a service provider or products. So, various social media platforms can be seen as the upcoming channels for promotions and marketing.
After considering the key benefits of opting WordPress for your content management system, you can hire a professional development service. These companies are experienced in integrating the HTML and CSS files into WordPress. This enables to refurbish an HTML website into a trendy web portal.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, WordPress features impeccable tools for online marketing. By using these tools appropriately, you can ensure profitable search engine marketing campaigns. These campaigns enable a website to reach out the masses and create a hefty customer base.

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Published on March 22 2017

As the digital web is advancing with every passing day, websites made on content management systems have become a mandatory tool. Today, webmasters prefer the website platforms which may allow them to make minor tweaks, without relying on a developer to do it.

If your website is functioning on a hypertext markup language, you must have the information on any of the web development program such as Dream Weaver. However, HTML to WordPress conversions helps the webmasters to avoid getting into the dilemma of learning a web programming language or being dependent on a developer to make minor changes.

Why Is WordPress Ideal For Web Development?

WordPress is the easiest and addictive content management system of the present times. With all the major modifications possible within a few clicks, managing a web portal with frequent updates become quite simple. It is an open source platform, which can be integrated with third-party resources for a versatile practicality.

HTML to WordPress

Where the HTML websites are static, WordPress websites are popularly addressed as highly dynamic portals which load faster than HTML websites. A webmaster can literally get to know the basics of WordPress within a few hours and manage the website without much assistance.

The Benefits of HTML to WordPress Migration

One of the common question asked by webmasters is that what will the affect of converting HTML markups into a WordPress template be on the SEO. No matter how amazing a WordPress website may appear, no one would like to get hit on the search engine rankings for the cost of appearance. This is due to the fact that a soon as the URL of a website is changed, the search engines get notified and it affects the rankings.

So, it is advised that you should save the HTML ending to your website while migrating to WordPress. It might be a bit tricky to do so, but you can always consult professional conversion companies who specialize in such conversions. The developers are highly-skilled and convert your HTML site to WordPress.

Once the WordPress conversion is complete, webmasters can avail all the advanced functionalities of WordPress. The flexibility to edit the blogs and other content is made easier with the help of various plugins and templates. For any kind of custom feature, all you need to do is pick and install a plugin, rather than writing a code as in HTML. The plugins can be installed for any kind of feature such as search engine optimization, integrating social media platforms, including custom animations and much more.

WordPress is the most convenient and easy to understand content management systems as compared to the others. The learning curve is quite reasonable and ideal for beginners as well as non-tech webmasters to operate their web portals without much assistance from a professional.

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Published on March 9 2017

The PSD designs which are made on image editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop are not browser compatible. So, to make these static PSD designs adaptable on the popular web browsers as well as search engine friendly, it needs to be converted to the WordPress format. By converting the PSD designs into semantic WordPress codes, the search engine crawlers are able to index the website in a better way, while the design integrity of the site is maintained.

The professional PSD design to WordPress allows the web designers and developers to create custom layouts and themes for a business website. WordPress is an ever evolving and the most popular content management system available today. The robust in-built features the platform is loaded with makes it a highly competitive tool for web development.

The new users have the privilege to register in the WordPress backend simply with a username and password. WordPress designers who can skillfully convert the static PSD files into dynamic WordPress templates are in great demand. These designers create deliver custom and scalable WordPress based web applications as per the demands of the business.

PSD to WordPress

As the popularity of WordPress is rising with every passing day, the demand for conversion of various content management systems to WordPress is also increasing. According to the web reports, WordPress retains the position of the most preferred CMS among the webmasters.

Cost-effective WordPress conversion services make it possible for SMEs to get an amazing website within the budget. This web portal is free from any code smells and does phenomenally well once it goes live. The PSD designs are sliced and hand-coded into a theme which is ideal to represent the business on the internet. This WordPress theme makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to find the keywords in the website.

Along with the benefits listed above, there are many other perks of hiring professional WordPress services for the conversion process. Getting in touch with experienced designers and developers ensures that the right tools and technologies are pooled to get a competitive WordPress website.

Certified Wordpress developers practice the best methods to deliver a pixel perfect website to their clients. Semantic coding ensures that the web development is consistent as soon as the PSD design to WordPress conversion is initiated. Retina optimized designs are also important to ensure that the aesthetics of the website are identical to the design file.

Higher indexing over the search engines is supported by the cross browser compatibility. If you are able to make the website scalable on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc, you can get the desired traffic and visibility.

In the end, the code syntax of the website code is examined over all the leading web browser platforms to ensure that the website is W3C validated. This validation has become a mandatory requisite to ensure a functional website.

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