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Published on July 6 2017

In today’s age of web marketing, the blog writers and marketing managers have already discovered how effective WordPress can be.

WordPress provides simple and effective interface for managing, publishing and keeping content current on your company’s website without the use of content management systems in use today. WordPress can drive some targeted traffic to your website with its efficient features. Targeted traffic is key to success of the website and WordPress gives you the tools to make (SEO) search engine optimization techniques work for your website. Due to many benefits of WordPress you can also take services like HTML to WordPress conversions and use SEO techniques.

WordPress helps you to find and direct organic search engine traffic to your website using simple yet effective features. That gives WordPress huge advantage over standard HTML sites, where you hope you will rank high on the search engines. Using WordPress you can maximize your website to attract specific traffic from Google.

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization):-

- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a technique used by web developers to get more traffic to their websites by achieving higher search engine rankings. The main purpose of SEO is to attain top search engine position so that more uses visit the site and buy their products or services. As WordPress has incorporated many SEO related features into it hence if you want a website using WordPress then you can hire a WordPress development company which will provide you a SEO friendly website.

- SEO is actually how a search engine interprets or read your website. SEO is the ability to increase the quantity and quality of visitor’s traffic on your website.

- We don't need to remember each and every website. Whenever we need to find something we Google it. We have given full trust on search engines to find the best source to us. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique that help your website to get on top of these search engine results so that whenever someone searches for some information or site, your website is on top.

Useful tips for using WordPress features for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :-

- Whenever you use WordPress, you should place highly relevant keywords into each posting’s title. These targeted keywords should also be included in your content of site as well. Also make sure that you do not repeat your titles anywhere else on the site. You should start by creating a list of related keywords and use them in a variety of titles when you write articles. Your title should be interesting as well as with full of required keywords. You also make sure that your titles are both brief and memorable and appropriate for  the topic for which you are writing. It is also important that the text on your site is reader friendly. If your site is also search engine friendly then more and more visitors will find your site.

Also read this : WordPress + SEO: A perfect formula for business growth

- Also have a sitemap on your blog which is important for WordPress blog. You can create a sitemap by using a simple Google plugin. The purpose of a sitemap is to give the search engines an easier way to index all of your pages and posts and ultimately show all of your content in searches. You can also pin your posts to various sites. If you can create backlinks to your site or posts then it will also increase your site exposure on internet.

- You can also include related posts when you add content to your site which is also great method for SEO. You can install the related free plugin into WordPress . This plugin allows you to choose the number of related blog posts you want to list. It is yet another way to get the search engine more deeper into your site’s keyword rich content.

To understand SEO better let’s read following points:-

Quality of traffic

We need visitors but quality visitors who are actually interested in your product or services. Hence it is important that a person visiting your website is relevant.

Quantity of traffic

More visitor traffic means higher search engine ranking and more sales. Hence it is important that you get more visitors to your website from search engines like Google.

Why SEO Is Important?

Search engines have evolved a lot but still they can’t see, read and understand a web page the same way as we do. Therefore SEO is important because it will help search engines to know and understand what this page is all about and how it can be helpful to users.

In the end we can say that the blogs and websites created and developed on the WordPress platform have an advantage when it comes to search engine optimization. If you will use the tips given in this article then you can achieve great results related to your website search engine ranking, volume of traffic to your site and growth of your business.

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Published on April 15 2017

If you own a static business site and wish to increase your sales conversion rates then WordPress CMS system is the best option to place your bet on. More and more entrepreneurs across the globe are choosing WordPress to power their business websites. The major concern of web owners is the designing part of the site. Well, this issue was solved after the advent of PSD conversion which allowed site owners to developer a scalable theme for their portal.

The PSD to WP conversion is a technical process, so a WordPress developer would be the right person for this job. The primary reason you should hire a skilled WP Developer is that they possess right tools and know everything about this conversion. It's not feasible to handle the conversion of your own because one wrong step can ruin the whole process and all your hard work will go in vain.

Wordprax - WordPress Developer


Using the PSD designs as your WordPress theme, allows you to come up with a template which is not only user-friendly but functional as well. At present, there are millions of sites live on the World Wide Web and to stand apart you need to come up with a unique template. The only way to add a touch of creativity is if you let the expert do is a job. To be honest, Do It Yourself or DIY approach doesn't work in the situation where a person needs to follow a set of standards for building a template.
Here are some disadvantages of choosing a DIY approach for PSD conversion:

Lack of experience- Innovative WP themes are only possible with experience so it's recommended to hire an experienced Wordpress development services provider who can aid you in getting the best looking template. Prior to choosing a theme developer, don't forget to check his portfolio, as it will give you an idea about the quality which they have delivered in the past.

Lack of resources- The trained developers have required tools in the arsenal which allows them to carry out conversion efficiently. As a newbie, you might not be informed about the set of tools or techniques which are used for converting PSD designs to WP template.

Lack of relevant academic qualifications- Along with skills and experience, having a relevant academic qualification is also necessary. Hiring a knowledgeable developer for the conversion will provide you with the effective conversion of your site's theme.

Unfamiliarity with SEO Semantic coding- Search Engine Optimisation is considered as the essential element of the website. Doesn't matter what kind of business site you have, familiarity with SEO semantic codes will ensure a top spot in the search engine rankings.

You will come across several people who claim to be well-acquainted with the conversion. Even though this process is not that complex as it seems it to be, but as a site owner, you should not take any sort of risk which might harm your future growth. One important aspect that you need to keep in your mind is the overall costs involved in converting PSD designs to WordPress CMS system.

By hiring an offshore development firm, you will save both time and money which can be further utilised for undertaking various business related activities. While searching for the WP development agency, it is crucial for you to check its past projects which will help you identify their potential and the way they use to handle their projects in the past. Hiring a company with a talented team of developers should be your top priority.

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Published on March 31 2017

In the digital world we live in, social media has become a new channel where a brand communicates with its existing as well as potential customers. The platform has given an amazing power to the people to discuss virtually about a particular product. Nowadays, reading the reviews before considering a service or product has become a common scenario.

We are living in the era of social networking. Therefore, it has eventually become important for businesses and organizations to reach out their customers on the platforms where they spend their most of the time. With an effective HTML to WordPress conversion, a brand can sustain its captivating virtual presence and maintain a long-term reputation with its customers.

The primary change one can experience with the WordPress conversion is improved and crisp web management. The WordPress CMS ensure that you can keep your website up to date with ease. Most of the times, high quality contents make the web browsing better, but webmasters find it a tiring job to integrate them. Thankfully, WordPress comes with the drag and drop functionality and supports all formats of web content.

Wordprax- HTML to Wordpress

Search engine optimization is a key element associated with WordPress conversions. You can choose from a plethora of SEO based plugins which will ensure that the website ranks higher and brings in the maximum traffic. Apart from the plugins, WordPress many built-in features which are search engine optimized. For example, you can use keywords in the meta, URLs etc.

Selling your brand over social media is an important part of any online marketing campaign. Once you have successfully converted from HTML to WordPress, you can reach out your customers over the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will not only help you market your services and products among billions, but will also let them reach you out individually.

You can get in touch with your consumers in a one-on-one session. You will have options to understand the needs of your customers in an effective way and address their needs accordingly. This kind of business communication will enhance your operation and help you follow the customer centric approach.

Along with targeting Facebook, you can move to LinkedIn or Twitter in order to promote your product & services. A recent study revealed that most of the Twitter users tweet for searching a service provider or products. So, various social media platforms can be seen as the upcoming channels for promotions and marketing.
After considering the key benefits of opting WordPress for your content management system, you can hire a professional development service. These companies are experienced in integrating the HTML and CSS files into WordPress. This enables to refurbish an HTML website into a trendy web portal.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, WordPress features impeccable tools for online marketing. By using these tools appropriately, you can ensure profitable search engine marketing campaigns. These campaigns enable a website to reach out the masses and create a hefty customer base.

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Published on October 21 2016

The Child Themes are the separate themes that entirely rely on the parent theme to access most of their functionalities. In case you are already using a child theme on your portal then the WordPress will first scan your child theme to check if a particular feature exists. If it doesn't then, it will use the parent theme for the same. This feature is great as it allows the portal owners to make any particular modifications.

Even if you plan to change a single character in your main theme, you should create a child theme so that you can quickly carry out these small modification tasks without hampering the overall design & layout. You can also get yourself the desired theme by opting for HTML to WordPress conversion services. There are two excellent reasons why you should build a child theme for your portal. You will read more about these reason in the next few paragraphs.


If you don't create any child theme for the modification of your website get you will have two choices: the first you can opt not to update your theme in the future, or else you can upgrade, but then you will lose all the changes that you've made in your theme.

The second choice would technically work, but it is not recommended as you have to start everything from scratch. Apart from that, not updating your theme will lead to various security vulnerabilities and will also increase the downtime. No matter what happens, you should always keep your theme & plugins up-to-date.


When you decide to add modification code in your WP theme, you will be adding that code to the existing codebase which already consists of thousands and thousands of lines. In the case of any error, it will become tough for you or the developer to track down the issue in the codebase.

Even if you have to make any minor change to the outlook of your site, you should always create a child theme so that you don't have to go through the massive codes that will only make your modification task more time-consuming and costly. Usually, child themes have less line of codes which makes it easier for the developer to detect any issue or to make any changes.

Creating A Child Theme

Child themes can be created in a simple & hassle-free manner.

To create a child theme for your existing WP theme, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create a theme directory in your WordPress based site
2. Create a stylesheet by adding necessary information about your child theme
3. Pull in the all the styles from your parent theme

Once you are through with these steps, you can activate your child theme. Your website will look the same, but now it will be using a child theme in the backend.


With the help of few copy-paste codes, you can quickly enable a child theme in your WordPress based portal. You can refer to various online tutorials and articles to accomplish this task.

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Written by Ben Wilson

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Published on August 19 2016

Earning Money with WordPress Blog is easy! Here's how

If you own a WordPress website, then you must be amazed how will it earn money for your business. You must have read on the internet that WordPress users 11 million of users or even more. Based on these surpassing figures you can well assume that people are making money off their blogs. But the question lies how via simple blogs?

Well, the answer is they're probably making a living off the very blog post you’re reading. The bloggers use a few key methods to generate income from their WordPress website development posts. Here I'll be sharing those few methods for how to make money from your WordPress blog.

1. Affiliate Links

These are also called as referral links and are considered as the easiest way out to earn money from your blog. The blogger can place a link to a text or an image that direct your readers to a third party website. Now if your users proceed to make a purchase on the third party site, you earn a commission for referring them.

It is always better to sign up with the affiliate programs. The goods and services selling websites place a link in their header or footer for affiliates. To proceed to signup for that respective program, you can click on it to begin. Some sites use their affiliate program while few go through an affiliate network. The networks make it easy to join programs since you can typically browse for sellers and click on a button to apply for the program.

2. Ad Spots

Apart from affiliate links, you can also add it directly to the content. They're an awesome way to make money on the blogs. The advertisements give three choices. Firstly, create advertisements using affiliate links to other sites. Secondly, sell your ad spots and lastly, join an ad network that may help to sell your ad space for you.

If you create and manage ads on the WordPress site, it might be fruitful and may offer extreme control over the aesthetic of the ads. And since you’ll be using your affiliate links you can earn money.

Your may also join an ad network and let them do the hard work. Some of the great Ad networks are Adsense, Amazon CPM Ads, BuySellAds, etc. that has taken control over your ad space. You may also hire a WordPress developer for it, s/he may surely help you in placing as spots.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters also fetch significant income. Newsletters are like a blog snapshot as the bloggers share recent posts or news with the subscribers. Similar to ads you can either sell newsletter spots or via a network like BuySellAds.

4. Sponsored Posts & Reviews

If you find anyone to sponsor your website then that will be a fantastic idea. With sponsored posts a company might approach you to review a product if they give it to you for free or pay you a fee to write the article. That's outstanding! But the worth considering point here is to state the reviews honestly and disclosing the sponsored post. This can be useful in generating income in the future by referring readers to purchase the product themselves.

So these were some effective methods that can help you earn a substantial amount of money. So keep using WordPress and take maximum benefit out of it.

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Written by Ben Wilson

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Published on June 23 2016

In this modern era of business, people do not bother much of age and experience to define one's credibility. Moreover, people are concerned about ideas, generosity, and willingness to take risks and learn more from mistakes. Over past few years, Blogging has been trending, and people are sharing thoughts online. There are already 152 million blogs in the world and every half a second a new blog is added to the internet. In fact, WordPress alone handles over 42 million new posts added every month. This means that nearly 1.4 million posts are published every single day.


Thus, we can say WordPress platform is a huge pond for bloggers to dive into. A professional WordPress developer offers unlimited services of WordPress like excellent WordPress Theme Development, Plugin development, conversion services, etc. So, if you have decided to start a blog with WordPress, here is the guide for you.



Must choose a niche

This is the first step to commence with a blog. One must find your niche. Of course, before starting a blog, you must have an idea what sort of topics interest you. If you are going to start writing about a subject which does not interest you, then it will be hard for you. You will get bored and start slacking sooner or later. Make sure anything you choose to write is something that interests you. You must find your passion and add your artistic flavor to it to stand out.


Types of blogging niches to help you start

Choosing an appropriate niche is the primary paradigm behind a good blogging. A blogger can choose from the endless number of blogging niches. It should not be underestimated as choosing the wrong niche may lead us to big Failures. So, you should be very clear what are the most profitable niches in the online industry and how can you start with them.


Select Domain name

A good domain name should be like, and there is blog related to interviewing tips, etc. One should avoid blogs like and write about bikes. A good domain name also helps in branding. There are many good domain names suggesting websites such as Panabee or Wordoid. Once you have a good domain, you can register it using a service such as NameCheap or Hover.


Choose a Blog Host

It is quite significant to choose a host for your blog which is reliable and offers fast response times. Hosting is the key foundation for your entire business which may lead to higher visibility and visa verse of it may take your entire business down. If it’s too slow, people will look elsewhere.

Many factors lead to choosing the best hosting service for your Blog. Wordpress makes it incredibly easy to build and manage a good looking website. Most hosting companies have one click WordPress install, so it’s even easier to get going.


Use a Professional Design

Many times, designing is ignored by the bloggers. They think that quality content only retains to attract viewers. But always remember, the first impression is the last impression. The design is the first thing with which user interacts while landing on your blog. It should be clean and professional. Be sure to include a search bar. This will help the visitors to search for relevant content promptly. Avoid cluttering with too many banners on your blog design. While banners, will be worth adding in the launch of the blog, because it helps to establish a readership.


Write Quality and SEO based Content


Crappy stuff will results you with crappy results. So avoid using the inferior quality content. Do not copy anything from anyone. Be original and unique. You may communicate to your readers through your words. Write at least 1000 words in a blog and see how much the Google loves you. This will also lead you to more social media shares.


Be consistent

Try writing, at least, one blog in a week. It will keep you and your users motivated which will result into WordPress popularity. It is also good for Google crawling.


Market Your Blog

Writing high-quality articles every week is a difficult task. Publishing good content every day will naturally not guarantee you a successful blogger. You need to market regularly.


There are number of ways you can do it:


  • Guest blogging on blogs within your niche
  • Social Media
  • Commenting on related blogs and forums
  • Following other bloggers


I hope you have understood how to make a blog successful. These are very basic steps that are required to be followed by a blogger. Follow these steps and stay enthusiastic about your blog.

All the best!

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Written by Ben Wilson

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