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Published on April 28 2017

The WordPress has definitely opened door to great innovations in the field of web development and design. Today millions of websites are powered by the WordPress, to be exact 35% of the portals live on the World Wide Web are based on the WP platform. The best thing is that all these sites are running quite smoothly and haven't faced any major hiccups till now. The WordPress enriched sites are competent enough in helping the entrepreneur promote his business in this highly competitive marketplace.

To stay ahead in this sector, you need to take help of the add-ons. A WordPress site is incomplete without plugins, so it becomes mandatory to opt for WordPress plugin development services offered by a skilled development agency. Each business firm experiences a change in its working. And as a visionary entrepreneur, you need to adjust the usefulness of your WordPress site. It is under such circumstances that custom-made extensions come in handy.

WordPress Plugin Development

These plugins will add essential usefulness and functionality in your site. These custom plugins work exactly the way you want them to perform. They are not like the downloaded plugins, the handcrafted extension doesn't acquaint to the undesired changes with your site's usefulness. You can essentially make the plugin do what's best for your site's execution. Keep on reading the article and you will get to know more about the hard-to-miss custom plugin development and their growing role in the result-oriented business promotion.

Custom WordPress plugins speed up your website

Nowadays, a broad spectrum of WordPress users simply prefers using the custom plugin to boost the performance their site. The World Wide Web is overloaded with portals that deliver complete information as for how these plugins can enhance the overall functions and features. You can go through such content and can gather in-depth knowledge about the role played by tailor-made WP plugins. W3 Total Cache is the perfect example of a WP Plugin that caches your website, making it load at a faster rate.

Custom WordPress plugins aid in creating backlinks for a website

The decision to appoint an expert WordPress developer will put you on the track of instant business success. The reason for this are the outstanding benefits attached to the installation of bespoke plugins. Feel free to ask your plugin developer to build a plugin that permits to generate maximum links for the site. Automatic Backlink Creator is a plugin which once set on your WordPress site/blog will operate continuously, helping your site gather maximum exposure and developing non-stop backlinks.

Custom WordPress plugins allow extension of the site's overall functionality

The business environment is quite dynamic so it is obvious that you will encounter some changes. As the entrepreneur, you might have to alter the functioning as per requirement. In such situations, a tailor-made plugin will surely come in handy. This plugin will allow you to add a whole new set of features that too within seconds. Moreover, the plugin installation is so simple that you can complete the process in 3-4 minutes. Through these extensions, you can also improve the existing functionalities. Unlike the downloaded plugins, custom-made plugins don't introduce undesired changes to your site's functionality. You can simply make the plugin do what's best for your site's performance.

Updates and support-related worries vanish with custom WordPress plugins

Compared to the free or premium extensions, those plugins which are developed by the professionals make it convenient for the users to switch to new updates. Also, you need not worry about losing the functionality of a plugin due to a recent update.

Custom WordPress plugins eliminate security worries

The downloaded plugins might contain a security glitch which can seriously affect your website. But the tailor-made plugins are developed by the plugin developer, so you won't have to worry about the people planning to break into your plugin's security.

Summing Up

In this article, you will be reading about some amazing benefits of using the custom plugins for your WordPress powered blog or portal.

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Published on October 27 2016

To stay ahead of your competition it is essential that you opt for an efficient promotional strategy especially for your excellent WP based website. Organic web traffic plays a significant role in enhancing the popularity of an internet site. No matter whatever you are promoting or whoever your audience is, you need to choose the best way through which you can attract right amount of web traffic towards your portal.

By opting for Wordpress plugin development services, you can add different plugins to your site that will surely boost the search engine rankings. Well, making your site SEO optimized is not just enough. You need to integrate various social media sharing functionalities in your portal that will fetch you more audience instantly.  


Wordpress Plugin Development

The best thing about WP is that you can add plenty of unique social media plugins or extensions to your site by hiring an affordable Wordpress web development company. These plugins are easy to install and will help you promote your products or services on different social media platforms. Here is a list of some amazing social media plugins you would love to get going with

Social Buzz

This plugin is ideal for giving an idea about “What's Hot” on your portal. Well, Social Buzz is a fantastic plugin that provides graphical pictures to the visitors or readers of your website's content. This graphical presentation consists of information about the performance of your site. This plugin is a great online traffic magnet and is used by several famous WP powered portals. With this plugin, you can quickly let your readers know about how others appreciate your content.

CardZ Social Stream

A fantastic plugin to enhance the user-experience. CardZ Social Stream is a highly customizable plugin and comes loaded with plenty of features right out of the box. This plugin allows you can stream the social media activeness of your site. In addition to this,  CardZ Social Stream comes with more than 15 beautiful themes and colors that you can customize as per your portal's outlook. You can also add animated effects & custom banners through this plugin.

Share This

With this plugin, you can reach out to several people that too in a hassle-free manner. Share This plugin allows the readers to share your web content with their friends. With this cool plugin, you can bring more readers towards your content. Share This is the social media plugin which enables the users to choose any social platform on which they want to share the site's content. Moreover, it also provides users with tracking reports. The users can also customize this plugin as per the theme of the website.


With the help of these social media plugins, you can enhance your content viewership and can also increase the sales conversion rate. As more and more people are joining social media sites, it becomes essential to have such robust plugins installed on your site.

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