How To Ensure A High Loading Speed Of A WordPress Website!

The speed of a website highly matters in the era of the fast internet if you also want to pace up with mobile traffic like every other business owner. Faster a website loads, better it is for providing a good user experience, which means more engagement, higher conversions and high ranking on search engines. As we are aware that no one likes to wait to let a website open and let their smartphone's memory occupied, it is important to speed-up your e-commerce site for improved user experience, compelling visitors to think of you every time they want to buy or use services similar to your niche.

A study shows that a single second delay can have a great impact on the audience your website attracts. So, we have curated a list of tips you need to take care of during WordPress e-commerce site development to ensure high loading speed:

A Fast Hosting Servers

Hosting servers provide you CPU speed, hard disk storage, RAM, etc, which are paramount for a website's speed. Ensure that if your website is attracting very less traffic currently, go for the virtual or shared host. But, if your site has massive traffic coming to its way, make sure you have an individual server to support your website.

Hope these tips could help you to speed up your website and get you most out of your online business.

Minimize the Page-Size

Page-size includes images, content, codes and tags. The heavier your website's coding, images, tags and content are, the slower loading time it'll have. So, the point is: Smaller will be the page-size, better will be user experience. Ensure, you avoid using high pixel images or objects on a page and even if you are using, compress them.

Regularly test your webpage speed. It should be as minimal as 3 seconds or less, without compromising the quality. Doing this will add a huge advantage to your website loading speed, thus attracting high traffic.

Stop Redirects

Try providing as minimum redirects on your website as you can because it forms an individual request to the server, resulting in slow loading speed of a website. Today is the era where people prefer accessing the URLs directly. So, avoid traditional methods while doing business online as they are only going to affect your website in a bad way.

Specify the Dimensions of Image

Usually, people create images without any dimensions, which leads to forcing browsers to load images first and then another task. So it's always better to provide the specifications for height and width of images. It will support browsers to have placeholders in line for the images, leveraging image and page loading simultaneously.

The browsers will be able to create space for the image size and load other parts of the page easily. You can define the same dimensions for multiple devices such as phones, tablets or laptops.

Honing Platform Configuration

The platform you are using for your website plays a prominent role in providing high loading speed of a website.

Choose the provider that supports configurations to enhance page load times. CMSs like WordPress offers a great deal and themes that by default have high loading speed. Also, you can use multiple plugins to enhance website's speed.

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